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We offer a none obligatory home visit to discuss and design your perfect kitchen. Our designers are equipped with 3D CAD Software enabling them to produce beautiful HD images of your proposed kitchen. They can show you not only different kitchen styles, worktops, paint colours and even appliances but can try out some different layouts with you too.

Call for a chat on 03455 444555 or use the form below

During our Visit…

We will ask about your lifestyle and what you are looking to get from your new kitchen. Do you cook every day, will you be entertaining regularly or is it a space for relaxation. What do you like or dislike about your existing kitchen. How much storage do you require. Where will your accessories be. Do you need a breakfast bar. Is there room for an island in the room. The kitchen is the heart of the home so getting it right first time is important. Our designers will ask all of the right questions to help you achieve this. Then we will create a plan and Hi-Res images of the room using the latest in 3D CAD software.

This allows you to try different layouts and kitchen styles within seconds. This will help you visualise exactly how the finished product will look. We can show anything from wall paint colours to worktops down to the finer details like handles, appliances and even accessories. Our designers also carry door samples to compliment the CAD images so you get a feel of the quality as well as seeing the visuals.

To book a visit either contact us via phone or email or use this simple form above. Add as much info as you like. A member of staff will be in contact within 24hours.